Captains Corner: Brandon Klar & Travis Weber (Baseball)

Photo courtesy to Brandon Klar.

This week I sat down with two baseball captains, junior Travis Weber and senior Brandon Klar, to discuss the ending of their season as well as the upcoming seasons. Fellow junior Kyle Deux was unable to join us.


Arianna Cohen: With only three seniors, your team is quite young. How do you encourage all the young players day by day?


Travis Weber: We are a very young team with a lot of talent, so we encourage the young guys to keep working hard by talking about what we can become as a team if we all do our part.

Brandon Klar: The young players are actually quite driven themselves. They definitely make our jobs easier in terms of getting guys prepared for practice and games. Each and every one of the younger players wants to get better on a daily basis.


AC: How was the transition from players to captains?


TW: The transition was pretty easy. I became a captain after my freshman season, and during my first season as a captain, our team was primarily sophomores with only a few freshmen, so I think it was really beneficial for me to get a year of experience as a captain under my belt before this season where we have a lot more freshmen.

BK: You know, again, that was also pretty easy with the guys we have on this team. They make being a captain fun and easy.


AC: What are your team goals going into the end of the season?


TW: We just want to finish the season playing good baseball so that we can create some momentum going into next season.

BK: I’d really like the team to compete to the best of its ability. We have certainly not played our best baseball recently and I have no doubt the team can turn it around and finish the year strong.


AC: With only four home games left, Brandon, how are you feeling about the end of your baseball career?


BK: I’m honestly really going to miss it all. My career isn’t exactly ending the way I had dreamed of (with the broken hand and all), but there is no group of guys I would rather play my last season with. I’m definitely a little sad about it all and will miss the team and the game, but I’m just trying to have as much fun as I can until it ends.


AC: Travis, what are you looking forward to most in your final season?


TW: Even if we don’t win the game, being around the guys is awesome, so I am looking forward to playing another season with these guys. Also, as I said before, we have a very young but extremely talented team, so I am looking forward to seeing how everyone improves going into next year and how good this team becomes. I think that this team can make a serious run at the conference tournament next year so I am really excited for that.