Window Scene “Good and Bad”

Excerpts from an overactive imagination.

SCENE: Matt and Lorraine are walking through an alley with trash bags, picking up plastic bottles and cans.

MATT: So, you like him.

LORRAINE: What are you on about Mathew?




LORRAINE: Annoyed I don’t like him—

MATT: … Right.

LORRAINE: —in the way you’re insinuating.

MATT: What way is that?

LORRAINE: That I would want to she shudders date him.

MATT: Confused I’m confused.

LORRAINE: I don’t want to date him, Mathew. I don’t want to date anyone.

MATT; Then why were you hiding?

LORRAINE: Sighs I was afraid.

MATT: Incredulous Of Ian? He’s, like, the least harmful guy.

LORRAINE: I know! That’s why I was afraid I would… she mutters steal from him.

MATT: I’m sorry, what?

LORRAINE; Rolling her eyes I was afraid I would steal from him, okay?! Are you happy now?

MATT: Laughing Raine, that is the most ridiculous— Why are you so afraid? You don’t even have qualms about stealing from teenagers.

LORRAINE: Yeah, but, I don’t know. It’s Ian.

MATT: I have no idea what that means.

LORRAINE: Quietly He’s my good person.

MATT: Am I going deaf, or are you becoming shy?

LORRAINE: Huffs He’s my good person, okay?

MATT: Well, what does that mean?

LORRAINE: If I can refrain from stealing from him, then I am still a good person.

MATT: … It doesn’t really work like that, Raine.

LORRAINE: Says who?

MATT: That’s just how it is.

LORRAINE: Not for me. He’s my good person, and that’s that.

MATT: If you say so.

LORRAINE: Alright, I’ve got a decent amount. We’re still good for the warehouse?

MATT: Yep, Dave’s got it all emptied out.

LORRAINE: Awesome. Let’s clean these out and start a real business.

MATT: What a good and honest woman you are, Lorraine.