Unsung Hero Of The Week: Fanita Robbins (Women’s Track & Field)

Photo by Sarah Grubbe.

This week I sat down with junior track and field member Fanita Robbins. This is Fanita’s first year on the track team. She spent the previous two years as a member of the women’s basketball team. In her first year, Fanita has proved herself and has been an outstanding contribution to the track team.


Arianna Cohen: After playing basketball for the last two years, what made you want to switch to track?


Fanita Robbins: Basketball didn’t work out—shout out to them, I hope they do some big things this upcoming season. I wanted to run track the last two years but I was always worn out from basketball. But track is more of an individual sport with some team aspects. If I lose I can’t point the finger at anyone else. It’s all on me except for relays.


AC: What has been your favorite part of the season so far?


FR: The indoor conference meet. As a team we had a lot of PRs and we got to see some of our teammates win awards.


AC: You won first place this past weekend at the Viking Invitational. How did this win feel for you?


FR: That’s been a goal all season, so it felt good to take first going into conference. Just a little confidence booster.


AC: Do you prefer a solo race or a relay?


FR: I don’t have a preference. We have a dope 4×100 relay team that I like to run with and I’m a pretty good individual runner as well. I guess I like a mixture.


AC: Going forward, what are your goals for next season?


FR: I want to break the school record in the 100 and win first in the 100 at conference.


AC: Do you have any rituals before a race?


FR: I usually listen to music and joke around with [teammates] Frog and Terrell.