Window Scene “The Art of Lying”

MATT: Raine, it’s time to go.

LORRAINE: In a minute!

MATT: You said that 10 minutes ago.

LORRAINE: Do you want this to be successful or not, Matthew?

MATT: Annoyed My name is Matt!

LORRAINE: Mocking My name is Matt. Oh, hush.

She opens the door and MATT loses his balance.

LORRAINE: Shall we, Matthew?

MATT rolls his eyes.

MATT: Yeah, let’s go.

LORRAINE: Oh, don’t be grumpy. Here, you can drive.

She hands him her keys and gets into the passenger seat.

MATT: I don’t want to drive.

LORRAINE: Can you stop being a party pooper? For five minutes? Is that possible?

MATT sighs as he enters the car. He starts the car and pulls off.

MATT: You ask too many questions.

LORRAINE: If I don’t, who will?

MATT: Knock it off.

LORRAINE: Are you afraid of being inquisitive?

MATT: I’m driving, Raine, what more do you want from me?

LORRAINE: Honestly, Matt, you can’t just live life content. MATT raises his eyebrows If you’re content, then you’re not aware.

MATT: Of what?

LORRAINE: Of how imbalanced the world is! For what we do, we could caught and sent to jail. Put us on the top floor of some skyscraper in a thousand dollar suit, and we get praised.

MATT: Not all the time.

LORRAINE: Oh please. The fall guy is never the one who came up with the scheme. They’re just the one who has the least liability.

MATT: Right. Have you had experience with this, or…? He glances at her briefly before making a left turn

LORRAINE: Huffs No, not personally, but-

MATT: Uh, huh.

LORRAINE: BUT- I’ve been around. And, I mean- it’s obvious. You can’t have a top 1% without making sure the other 99% stay disenfranchised.

MATT: Woah, that’s a big word for a petty thief. He pulls into an abandoned lot. A rusted warehouse stretches across the landscape.

LORRAINE: Matthew, I’m being serious.

MATT parks the car and looks at her.

MATT: I know, Raine, but what can you do. You didn’t deny it, we are thieves. We are undermining an already broken system.

LORRAINE: Scoffing You’re talking like we’re bank owners in this story. My friend, we are Robin Hood. And we’re reclaiming what is ours.

MATT: By stealing from teenagers.

LORRAINE: Getting out of the car No, silly. By stealing from their parents.