2017-18 Class Representatives Election Results

Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) has announced the results for the 2017-18 class representatives election. Voting took place on Tuesday, May 16, and concluded at 8 p.m. The new class representatives for each class are as followed:

Class of 2018

Rebecca Albrecht

Hitkarsh Chanana

Jamil Fuller

Oswaldo Gomez


Class of 2019

Ryan Leonard/Kazuma Noguchi

Saahil Cuccria

Hoa Huynh/Nate Merz

Small-Fry Intia


Class of 2020

Cristina Sada

Ngan Nguyen

Maria Poimendiou

Karl Painter


In the three-day period following the election, candidates can contest the results. After which, if the current outcome is not contested, the results are final.