The Hat Trick “To be Clever”

a serial story written by the Creative Writing Club.

This was his ship, his hard work. He would be senile and rotted before it crumbled before him.

“Find. Her.”

“Captain, we did, but–”

Henry slammed his hand on the desk. “No excuses. Put an end to all of this death!”

“Yes, Captain.” The guards left.

Henry sat, weary. Ghosts always find a way to haunt you and he should have known Bruce would be the worst of all.

“So, an enchanted hat, infused with the soul of your father, is killing vacationers on this cruise?”

Lia sighed. “Yes, Tel. Any more questions?”

“Yeah—what’s wrong with you?”

“Well obviously I didn’t want this!”

“Don’t fight.” Blemy interjected. “We need to focus on the hat.”

“He’s right.” Tel conceded. “What did it–I mean your father–say?”

“My dad talked about the captain, I got frustrated and he-I mean it-it just wasn’t him anymore.”

Tel frowned. “Then what?”

“The stupid guards came. I lost the hat after that.”

“Awesome work, Lia.”

“Tel.” Blemy warned.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Perhaps this is not too bad. This slobbering dog can go just about anywhere.

“Daisy? Daisy, where are you?”

No. What’s going on? Ow. Great, on the ground again.

“Hey, dude, check this out!”

Put me down you heathen!

“Yeah, I’m sure the girls will love that, Evan.”

I should use this in my favor. Take me to the captain, child.

“I have to go.”

“What? The pool just opened!”

“I have to speak with the captain.”

“Stop playing around.”

Yes, stop playing around and move along.

“Let me go.”

“No. What’s wrong with you? Where did that hat come from, anyway?”

Fine, you seem more headstrong than your friend, anyway. To the captain.

Lia stiffened. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what? Oh, the blood-chilling scream? Nah.”

“Just follow me.”

The three ran out of the deck’s shadows, climbing a wall to peer through the railing.

“It’s clear, I’ll go–”

“No, I’m the only person here not wanted for murder. I’ll go.” Tel heaved himself up and crawled through the slot. “Hello madam, I work for this cruise, is something wrong?”

She looked back and forth from Tel to the boy laying on the ground. “He-he collapsed. And Alex ran off. Please, can you find him?”

“Yes, but do you know if Alex had on an odd looking hat when he ran off?”

“Um, he did.”

“Thank you. Help is on the way.” Tel ran back to the railing. “A kid named Alex has the hat. You know what it looks like, so you can find him.”

“Alright Blemy, let’s go.”

Another kid. Luckily, he didn’t die this time. But now, Blemy was out of his cell and Lia was still on the loose. Things deteriorated rapidly. Henry sighed. If only he had control of the situation.

“Took you long enough!” Lia snapped when Tel turned the corner.

“Hey, I had to do damage control.”

“Whatever. I need you to put on these gloves, and place the hat in the bucket.”

Tel finally noticed the hat in the middle of the floor. Blemy was in the corner, eyes covered. “Where is the kid, and why do I have to do this?”

The boy is safe, and if I go anywhere near it, it could cause a reaction. Blemy is too scared, and I respect him for that.”

“Why didn’t it cause a reaction last time?”

“My father was protecting me; I could feel it. But his soul is silent now.”

“Fine. I’ll do it.” Gloves on, Tel carefully placed the hat in the bucket. It was halfway full of a dark liquid. “What’s that?”

“A potion. Put the lid on.” Tel did as he was told and stepped away quickly.

Lia chanted and purple smoke rose from the bucket. She stopped suddenly. Everything went still for a moment. Then there was a pop, and the bucket rattled, then became still again.

“Throw it over deck.” Tel did what he was told without asking. Lia smiled. “It’s done!”

“Oh, thank Neptune.” Tel sagged against the wall.

“Hey! Who’s down here!” Well that was just great.

“We got her, sir! Blemy, too.”

“Good, good. You can go now.”

“But, Capt–”

“Leave.” I’ve got work to do.