The Hat Trick “The Last Trick”

a serial story written by the Creative Writing Club.

Lia yanked at her handcuffs again. She was ending up handcuffed quite frequently, and it wasn’t even her thing. Next to her, Blemy lay limp in his bonds. Tel had been released after an intimidating talk with security. But at least it was over. They had destroyed the hat.

With the sharp snap, the door unlocked, and a figure entered the room, closing the door. “Well now. You’ve caused quite a commotion. Oh, and you killed your best friend. Terrible.” The deep voice was barely recognizable, thrumming with a deep, resonating hum that persisted even after words ended. The Captain stood before them, wearing an engineer’s hat. Lia and Blemy stared in shock. The goggles flashed with pure malice as his jaw opened mechanically and the voice resumed.

“Yes, switching the hats worked perfectly. You were all too scared of me to test it.” The Captain laughed and drew a knife from his belt. “And now—”

The door swung open and a chatty voice suddenly entered the room, closely followed by its owner. “—asked for me personally, you know. Oh, Captain! Good to see you!” Tel said, and swung his heavy coal shovel into the Captain’s head with all his might.

The Captain staggered back, but the hat seemed to absorb most of the hit. Tel brought the shovel down on Lia’s and Blemy’s handcuffs, smashing them apart. Lia and the guards stared at him, stunned. She snapped out of her shock just before the guards and did the first thing that came to her.

Lia screamed, and the ground gave out beneath them, the air lowering them to the ground far below. They took off running as the Captain yelled to follow them. Bursting out onto the deck, their vision was filled with a massive iceberg looming directly ahead of the ship. Their normal course would have taken them close enough to take in the beautiful sight, but now they were heading directly at it. “The hat must have made the Captain change course, and he has the master key,” said Blemy.

Blemy pointed at the row of lifeboats shining brilliantly in the sun. Shouts rose from many decks below them as the Captain and security climbed up.

“You two get in. I’ll slow him down.” Blemy ran down the stairs. “Let’s go!” Tel yelled. Lia looked away. “I started this, and my father is trapped with that thing. I need to end it.” Lia ran after Blemy. Tel stood in the bright sunlight, people streaming towards the lifeboats. He looked longingly at them, then turned and ran down into the gloom of the stairway.

Lia found Blemy rushing two guards. He hammered one down. The second hit him square in the jaw. Blemy blinked and hit him back, knocking him to the ground.

The Captain screamed, and several more drew guns. Lia screamed back, and a wave of fire washed over them. They scrambled back in terror, dropping the guns. The Captain was far away enough to avoid the fire, but he still stumbled further away. “We need to burn the hat!” she yelled.

“Kill the witch and the traitor!” the Captain commanded. The guards raised weapons. He stood far behind them, watching gleefully. “On my command!” he said.

Tel leapt out of a side passage behind him, a can of hairspray in one hand and a lighter in another. He ran right behind the Captain, who turned to receive a face full of fire. He screamed, a terrible resonant scream. Then the hat burst into flame, and he collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut. The guards turned to shoot Tel, but Lia and Blemy tackled them as pieces of fabric and glass fell.


At least you come with me, Captain.


The three of them clung to a piece of ship, staring up at the iceberg. The lifeboats had all gone. Lia turned to Tel. “You didn’t have to come back,” she said. Tel smiled at her. “Of course I came back. For you.” He stared into her eyes and leaned towards her.

She leaned back with a smile. “Thanks, but I’m not interested. Let’s be friends, shall we?”

Blemy laughed.