Blast from the Past: Chase for Greek Athletic Honors to Begin Next Week

With but three minor changes in the
schedule for the year, the 1927-28 interfraternity sports program will get
under way next week. Tennis, last year a spring sport, will be played this
fall, changing places with golf. Baseball will be replaced by playground
baseball, and a new event will be
added in horseshoes. Otherwise the schedule remains intact.

Tennis will open the year’s hostilities Friday, October 14, when the
first round matches will be run off. At
a meeting of the different group managers last week pairings were made, and everything is in readiness for the
season’s inaugural. The pairings for
the first round are as follows: Psi Chi
Omega vs. Theta Phi. Phi Kappa Tau
vs. Beta Sigma Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon vs. Delta Sigma Tau, Delta Iota
vs. Phi Kappa Alpha. In the second
round, or semi-finals, the winners of
the Psi Chi Theta match will take on
the victors in the Phi Tau-Beta tussle,
while the SigEp Delta Sig winners
meet the top dog in the D. I. -Phi Kap
argument. Following these matches
the two remaining teams will cross
racquets for the title, while the eliminated teams will fight it our for third place points.

Horseshoes will start October 24, and will be run off in the same manner
as tennis, being an elimination tournament. The drawings for the first
round matches are: Phi Kaps vs.
Delta Sigs, Delta Iotas vs. Phi Taus,
Betas vs. Theta Phi, Psi Chis vs. Sig
Eps, with the winners of the first and
second matches and the third and fourth meeting respectively, the two remaining teams to decide the title of barnyard golf champions.

The complete program for the year has been worked out and will be announced in a few days. The schedule will include, besides tennis and horseshoe, basketball, free throwing, bowling, relay, volleyball, playground baseball, and golf. Points are awarded to the fraternities taking the first three places in each event and the fraternity having the greatest total at the end of the season is awarded the “Supremacy Cup”, a large loving cup, emblematic of Greek supremacy in athletics. Individual trophies are also awarded to first place teams in the various events.

This interfraternity competition was initiated by Athletic Director Denny two years ago, in conjunction with his all campus sports program, and two cups have been awarded. Last year the trophy was won by Delta Iota, and in 1926 Phi Kappa Alpha captured the emblem.

Today’s Take

Athletics at Lawrence have a long history. Like most colleges, Lawrence fields numerous varsity teams each year. However, varsity athletics make up only part of Lawrence Athletics. Non-varsity athletics also play an important role in many Lawrentian’s experiences.

Inter-greek athletics have been one of the non-varsity athletic opportunities afforded students. Historically, each of the fraternities on campus would field teams each term for various sports which would compete for the Fraternity Supremacy cup. This article details the schedule for interfraternity competition in the fall of 1927. This served as a fun and constructive way for the Greek organizations to continue their rivalries, while simultaneously opening athletics to a broader section of campus.

Today, inter-greek athletics have been replaced by intramurals. Intramurals function similarly to inter-greek athletics, but anyone is able to field a team, regardless of greek affiliation. In this way, intramurals provide an athletic outlet for anyone willing to form a team. In this way, athletics are made available to those on campus who want to play a sport, but not make the same level of commitment as would be required by a varsity sport.

At Lawrence, it is often easy to leave athletics to the jocks, and in doing so miss out on opportunities like intramural athletics. Despite this, athletics are available to everyone on campus, and can benefit everyone