Athlete of the Week: Dan Rothbauer

Photo by Emei Thompson

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dan Rothbauer this week to congratulate him on being named the Midwest Conference Special Teams Player of the Week.


Sarah Grubbe (SG): Congrats on being named Player of the Week! How do you feel the season is going so far?


Dan Rothbauer (DR): This season has had its ups and downs, and overall it has been pretty good. It’s getting hard to grip that I’m halfway through my last season. We’ve got some games coming up that I feel good about—I think it’s likely that we’ll finish out strong.


SG: Speaking of finishing out strong, what are you looking to focus on and achieve in the rest of your season?


DR: My one personal big goal is to beat Ripon. We’ve had a 20 year losing streak—the table is set for a good game and a big win.


SG: Are you confident in the team that will remain after you’ve graduated and hung up the jersey?


DR: Absolutely. Offense is really strong, and while there will definitely be spots to fill when the seniors leave, I know the strength of the guys coming up, and I know they’ll be able to handle it. Our team has a great family atmosphere, and I’ve really enjoyed getting closer to my team and coach in general and getting to know the younger guys over meals and long practices.


SG: Speaking of meals, one of our past Athletes of the Week was asked to comment on allegations that she was a raw potato connoisseur. I recently heard that you, too, are a raw potato eater.


DR: Yeah, I am. It’s a good snack: delicious and nutritious. I prefer mashed, but when they’re raw, I eat them like apples.


On Nov. 4, catch Dan at his last home game punting up a storm against Ripon. Good luck out there!