Today’s hot take: Hopping on the bandwagon

For the sport of baseball Champions are made in October. A long 162 game season that range from April 2nd to October 3rd recently ended. In the sport of baseball five teams from the American league (AL) and five teams from the National league (NL) make it to the playoffs. The 2017 MLB playoffs consist of the Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros, Boston Red Soxs, New York Yankees, the Minnesota Twins from the AL and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Colorado Rockies From the NL. To these 10 teams out of 30 total MLB teams I say congratulations. To the rest of the 20 teams of the league there is always next year.

Only 33% of the MLB can make it to the playoffs that ultimately decide the 2017 MLB champions. What should the fans of the other 66% of the league that didn’t make the layoffs do in the mean time? The best option for these fans is to pick a team, or two, to root for and hope for the best. Yes, in these situations bandwagoning is acceptable. To bandwagon means take interest in something just to fit in with the crowd. For example I am a Chicago White Soxs fan but sadly they did not make the 2017 playoffs, but because everyone like to root for something I can jump on the LA Dodgers bandwagon and root for them to win the 2017 MLB Championship.

Bandwagoning is a very frowned upon action in society. If it is true that everyone likes to root for something then why is bandwagoning frowned upon? Disapproval of bandwagoning is rooted in the competitive spirit of sports and it shows up in my team is better than your team debate. Rivalries are the catalyst of such debates. In my mind the Chicago Bears will always be better than the Wisconsin Packers, the Chicago Bulls will always be better than the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Chicago White Soxs will always be better than the Chicago Cubs no matter what anyone else says. What ruins these often-heated debates is when people who aren’t sports fans always argue for the most dominating teams in sports. Drake tell me more about how you are a Alabama NCAAF fan, a Kentucky NCAAB fan, Pittsburg Penguins fan, and Golden State Warriors fan. No true sports fan likes the Drake sports fans because they have no loyalties. Only when your team does not make the playoffs and during March Madness is it acceptable to be like Drake, a bandwadoner. Bandwagoning is acceptable in these situations because at that point your team has no more games left and you need to occupy yourself with something so root for a winner. I am hopping on the NY Yankees bandwagon for the 2017 MLB playoffs.