Extreme Ironing

Do you ever get tired of doing your laundry? Is it too boring? Do you like extremely challenging and dangerous tasks? Look no further, the solution you seek is called Extreme Ironing. It is a sport that started around twelve years ago in the United Kingdom. The objective is to pick an activity such as mountain climbing, however, there is no limit. For example, some people chose to do it while skydiving, or attached to a taxi, even underwater! The level of extremeness is up to you. Here’s the catch though, the iron MUST be hot! Where will you plug it in? How will the iron work underwater? These are just a few of the multitude of questions, to which the person doing the sport has to figure out a solution. This sport not only pushes your physical limits, but helps you to refine and further develop your multitasking abilities. The items in which you will need to accomplish this task include: an iron, ironing board and a few articles of clothing which you will then take to the destination of your choosing. What makes extreme ironing so unique and different from the other sports is that it takes something fun and boring and combines it together to make the activity even more enjoyable because of the level of difficulty to complete the task at hand. Now before you decide to parachute out of a plane with a hot iron in one hand and a board with your clothes in the other, it is recommended that you first start in your own backyard. It can be as simple as ironing as you swing or ironing on your roof! Keep in mind that depending upon how extreme you go, the cost of equipment will vary. Since the sport has surfaced it has continued to spread and become popular. It is now practiced in Germany, Australia and Japan. Will the U.S. be next? Are you up for the challenge? How far are you willing to go to iron your clothing?