Fly on the Wall “Broadcast”

…one of the worst tragedies this country has seen…they’re just going to cover it up?!…those poor people…

Hello, I am reporter Onia Thomas, and these are just a few of the comments that came from concerned and outraged citizens around the country. We are approaching the thirtieth anniversary of the day the government’s Research and Safety Commission announced that one of their projects—codenamed Elysium—went terribly wrong. According to the commission, components of the project—details they still refuse to release to the public—were too potent for the test city, resulting in the project’s abandonment. I’m sure viewers will remember the emergency quarantine that was placed on the small city of Haven a few years before the commission confirmed that Haven was indeed their test city.

I am here outside of their regional headquarters, built just a few miles outside of the city, for this project especially. As you can see, roadblocks and electric fences still stretch across the building and the border of the town. Even further in, there remains colossal 1,500 feet high concrete blocks, effectively separating Haven from the rest of the world. According to eyewitness reports, the city is locked down as heavy as a military fort. There is absolutely no way in or out. Aerial footage is also strictly prohibited and has resulted in destroyed equipment and thousands of dollars in fines. The headquarters itself is frequented only by specialists and even then their visits are few and far between.

Relatives of those who lived in Haven have still received little to no information regarding their loved ones. Furthermore, the commission refuses to answer questions directed at them. They claim, and this is a direct quote, the public will “know in due time.” But the public is not pacified. How could they be? For three decades the government has evaded and dodged questions. For thirty years they have refused to answer what has happened to thousands of human lives. Just what are they hiding in Haven?

Apologies, I must be going soon. So, my last words are directed at Haven: Citizens of Haven, if somehow you are able to see this broadcast, please know that this nation has not forgotten about you. There have been movements and protests all in your name. We will receive the truth and make certain that you receive closure. Thank you for watching.

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