Softball team reenacts “The Wizard of Oz”

Today, people tend to use airplanes for long-distance transportation, unlike Dorothy Gale, who traveled by tornadoes. Over Spring Break, the Vikings softball team traveled to compete for a week in Florida. They played ten games total, but unfortunately only won four. Their tournament was interrupted though, by a tornado. What did the softball team do? Instead of hiding in a cyclone cellar, the team huddled together in what is now called a “modern day grocery store.” Though they did not hit their heads, like Dorothy, they did end up traveling to a magical place called Disney World, a place where, in the end, anyone can become a hero, just like Dorothy. However, heroes can be measured in so many ways. The classical way of course is someone who defeats the bad guy, or saves the people in danger, but in this case the hero was Amy Courter. Amy is a freshman who was recruited in the Winter Term because of her experience and prior skills with softball. The softball team needed more members, and Amy stepped up to the plate; that is what heroes do. Amy, who wears number 16, is a utility player, playing where coaches need her to play. Amy is flexible in her skill set and plays with an open mind.

The Vikings played against a team called Wesleyan. It was the type of game that had teeth chattering, knees bending, and eyes fixated on every play. Before the seventh inning, the Vikings went down 3-1. However, they were able to bounce back and tie them by the end of the inning, sending the game into extra innings. The Vikings would go on to lose by two. The Softball team never ceased to give up though, they played hard all the way through that last play, pitch thrown, whistle blown.

In an interview with Amy Courter, I asked her what her favorite moment was from the tournament that was held over spring break. Amy responded by saying, “My favorite moment was when we came together during the Wesleyan game. The energy was amazing, and we were all so excited. Even though we lost we knew we each tried our best, and committed 100 percent”. Though the Vikings did not come out on top, they still banded together and worked their arms off. Those positive seeds that they just planted will grow and show in the remainder of the season. When I asked Amy what she is looking forward to with their upcoming season, she said, “I’m looking forward to growing as a team this season. Personally, I just want to get better and improve every time I play.” That is the spirit of a true athlete. Without growth one cannot truly develop. Now after Spring Break, it is time to further our own development, though I bet some are imagining clicking their heels three times and saying, “There is no place like home.”


Kelli Quick

Veeeeeery Fast