Ramble on the roof

Torrin Thatcher

College football players seem to think that they deserve some things that the rest of us don’t.
Here in Wisconsin, we are used to certain liberties being taken by the players, but it seems the backs and their backers out in Oregon and Pittsburgh have yet to take the crash course in what is acceptable as a player. We may be okay with guys getting shoes, stealing an Xbox or getting DUIs on mopeds, but players from those other places should realize that punching guys and now, as accused by a girlfriend, strangulation, menacing and assault just aren’t OK.
I am not saying that anyone is perfect and bad situations are completely escapable, but, as we very well know, humans should be able to make good life choices.
Speaking of good choices, who else likes the signing of Mr. Donté Stallworth by the Ravens? He was excessively overpaid by the Browns after an average year for the Patriots, where he was helped with main actors Brady and Moss, and is now overpaid once again.
How much is his upcoming contract worth? Let’s just say that after driving under the influence, striking and killing a man, and then serving a mere 24-day sentence in jail, Stallworth can make up to $1.2 million this year playing on the gridiron.
Much like Michael Vick coming back after his sentence and making way too much money, we’ll see the same exact thing this upcoming fall.
Do you hear that? That’s the noise of fungo bats, sunflower seeds, and balls hitting the sweet spot. Just like every year come this time, John Kruk appears on our television screen to talk baseball and what to expect this year. As always, predicting the order in which teams will finish is mostly useless banter as there are injuries and surprising performances every year.
This baseball season should be both just as exciting – and common – as all the others in that the Cubs will not win. It should be a good time seeing Randy Wolf and Doug Davis tossing from the left side of the rubber and young guys coming through on the infield. The real question is if our big guys will use their sticks efficiently.
As I have mentioned previously, the best spring break I ever experienced was watching baseball every day down in Arizona – might do it again sometime soon.
Speaking of that break from school between terms, my girlfriend (it’s been a few weeks since she made an appearance on these pages) asked me if I wanted to do anything special over break.
She mentioned that we could go to Madison for a day of fun and visit my sister at school, go to a brewery or two somewhere here in Wisconsin and enjoy some tasty beverages, or go down to the Rockford and Chicago area for dinner with a good friend of mine and his wife. Unfortunately, I had to break the news to her that March Madness shall be in full swing.
Oh, yeah.that time when all I should do is watch basketball, enjoy some frosty brews, and eat pretzels while sitting on a stool at a bar. When I was in France my junior year of high school, I missed the first two rounds of the tournament, and I was the kid who wanted to go to the Internet café to keep updated on scores and games.
The night I came back from Nice, it was a nice night in that I was able to enjoy the Badger game on live television.
Other than that, fan of sports, I hope – not really – that you are all enjoying being patriotic in the Olympics. I really have not seen much of it at all due to the already mentioned workload of my classes, but I am hoping to get back on the mule sometime soon.
If you see me over at Sig Ep doing work, do not be surprised if I am not in front of the television – it is for my own benefit. Au revoir!