What’s on your iPod?

Tom Pilcher

1. “Pretty Little Head,” Nelly McKay.
Such clever and subversive lyrics. Nobody has a dryer wit than Nelly.2. “I’m in Love with Every Lady,” Little Cow.
If only I were Hungarian. Then I would be as cool as these guys are.

3. “Franz Schubert, String Quartet No. 15 in G,” Cherubini Quartet.
It is possible that everyone was just much more passionate in the 19th century than they are now. Or maybe this rule only applies to Schubert?

4. “Motorcade of Generosity,” Cake.
More and more clever lyrics. Love the horns. Hooray for irony.

5. “String Quartets in D minor op. 34 and E flat major, op. 51,” Antonin Dvorak.
This music makes me think about “Bohemian” in a whole different way. I wish Dvorak could come back to the Midwest again.

6. “Every Force Evolves a Form,” The Olmsted Ensemble.
Some fine Milwaukee musicians taking us out for a leisurely ramble. Nice to listen local as well.

7. “Alash,” Alash.
This is a group of Tuvan throat singers singing and playing traditional folk songs. Great driving music, even if you’re in a car instead of on a horse.

8. “Begin to Hope,” Regina Spektor.
Go, Regina!