What’s on your ipod?

1. “Machine Gun Funk,” Notorious B.I.G.
One of my favorite songs at the moment. Just so good, kind of like every Biggie song.
2. “Club Foot,” Kasabian
So inspirational. It makes me want to run through Newcastle with Santiago Munez.
3. “My Way,” Frank Sinatra
A classic song that will never get old. I love Sinatra’s voice and basically all of his music.
4. “I Want You to Want Me,” Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick is from my hometown, so I gotta show some pride. Also, I serenaded the entire baseball team with this song.
5. “Somebody’s Baby,” Jackson Browne
Makes me think of a great spring break trip and my great roommate Mikey B. Love you bud.
6. “Hey Jude,” The Beatles
Basically any Beatles song is good. For some reason this just happens to be my favorite right now.
7. “Apache,” Sugar Hill Gang
Kinda old school but classic. Sweet beat and great lyrics. All around a great song.
8. “Run Around,” Blues Traveler
Since I am trying to learn how to play the harmonica, I have to love this song. Great harmonica part and a great song from the ’90s.
9. “Space Jam,” Quad City DJs
The movie had Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny – how could it get any better? So of course, you gotta love the theme song from the movie.
10. “Baby,” Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris
How can you not love this song? Luda just drops probably the sickest lines of all time in this song: “She had me going crazy, oh I was star-struck / She woke me up daily, don’t need no Starbucks.” Wow, so sick; how could you not love this song?