In Other News…

ISLAMABAD – As many as 500,000 civilians are expected to leave the Swat Valley of Pakistan, following a government-issued evacuation order anticipating a military offense of the Taliban-dominated part of the country. The expected exodus will add to the number of refugees in the country who have been displaced by the fighting.
MADISON – Wisconsin lawmakers introduced a ban Wednesday that would bar smoking in all restaurants and taverns starting July 2010. Legislators say the bill could be passed by both houses and then signed into a law by Gov. Doyle. Opponents to the bill include the Tavern League.

NEW YORK – Italian auto-maker Fiat took a step in buying out a large portion of American auto giant, Chrysler, Tuesday. Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez, who has been overseeing Chrysler’s bankruptcy proceedings, approved the buyout. Hold-outs against the plan include five investment firms who would suffer losses on an outstanding Chrysler debt of $295 million.