Staff Editorial

Throughout the past few years, the Lawrence community has increasingly made open communication between the administration, faculty and students a priority. Although this year has not been without incident, the campus seems to be taking steps forward in the communication process. We would like to commend those responsible for the positive change and encourage continued improvement.
For instance, the administration’s response to the hate speech incident first term was quick and bold. Administrators informed the student body of their stance against the hate speech and quickly took steps to prevent further incidents. This is a great improvement from the lack of a administrator response following the Viking Conservative’s papering of the GLOW house two years ago. Instead of leaving the matters to be only dealt with by the parties directly involved, the administration wisely acknowledged that this was a problem that concerned the whole campus and rightly treated it as such.
Communication has also been good on the side of the students who recently spoke up against potential cuts to the office of multicultural affairs. These concerns were heeded by the administration, as is evident in this issue’s story “Dean of multicultural affairs position continues in full capacity,” appearing on Page 1. This exchange between the students and the administration has been one of the biggest signifiers of an improving, healthy relationship.
We hope that both students and the administration continue this proactive and responsive relationship that has been characteristic of their dealings so far this year. Communication requires dialogue between both parties, and we are glad to see steps taken on both sides to a better working relationship.