Artist Spotlight

Anna Hainze

Though she might be best known for her penchant for putting zees at the end of any plural noun and the fact that she survived a brick to the head at age 6, in this article I would like to focus on senior Sarah Page’s mad photography “skillz.”
Page came to Lawrence as an art major and has never once veered from this path. Said Page, “I think I’m just a very visual person and photography was one of the first things that really got me thinking about the world around me.”
In fact, photography seems to be a rather obvious choice for this studio art major with an art history minor, as she received a camera from her family almost every year for Christmas.
Notes Page, “I guess I feel that photography is about an experience and a relationship with the world you’re photographing. … It’s so much more a part of popular culture than a lot of other mediums. Everyone’s taken pictures.” Clearly, Page has moved on from her first purple Mickey Mouse camera and has found better subjects than “the mushrooms in my yard.”
In fact, her Mudd Gallery exhibit opens this Friday, May 1. The show, titled “ISOLATION: Suburbia and the American Dream,” explores such themes as lack of individuality, isolation and poor land usage through photographs of suburban landscapes.
Said the artist, “I’m interested in how these suburban spaces reflect our own changing American values.”
Page has also been working on a “crazy video” called “Buy Me, Plz.” To make it, she taped a camcorder to her Copps shopping cart and went through the store, and she “then fast-forwarded the whole thing and set it to a mix I made from the ‘voice’ at the self-checkout. It’s actually quite frightening.