Lawrence adds campus services and amenities

Xue Yan

A host of new changes, including changes to residence halls and the Wellness Center, greeted Lawrence University students as they began the new school year.

In order to save time and money for both students and school, star keys are no longer used to access residence halls. Since the beginning of this school year, students can only access the residence halls using their identification card.

Students have differening opinions on the elimination of the star key. Said junior Addy Goldberg, “I usually have lots of keys… it’s nice to have these changes.” In contrast, sophomore Kerstin Brolsma said “It is a little bit hard to get used to it, because I used to grab my keys. I have been locked out for several times. Senior Kaye Herranen briefly commented, “It is convenient, but it is not a huge change.”

The crosswalk on College Avenue has also undergone changes. During the summer, in-ground lighting and signage were installed at the crosswalk in order to improve student safety. Sensitive to motion along the street, the new equipment can alert the crossing cars when pedestrians approach the crosswalk.

“That’s really awesome. I am happy about that.” Maggie Ward, a sophomore, said, “In the past years, there were accidents that happened when people crossed the street. But now the traffic stops for you and you don’t need to wait forever. It’s good for the crosswalk safety.”

In addition to improving student safety, there were also changes made to campus smoking policies. At the last LUCC meeting during spring term, the council agreed that there should be no smoking permitted in any university building or vehicle. However, public sidewalks, designated smoking areas, the patio of the Viking Room and some specific places in formal, group and theme houses provide students with these designated areas.

Freshman Jenni Sefcik remembered, “I saw somebody smoke. I don’t smoke, so it doesn’t affect me much.” Another freshman, Margaret Hyland, has a different opinion. “I think the legislation is a good idea, but the problem is that not all people follow it. I see somebody smoking a lot at the campus center. The legislation plays an important role in campus, but I think campus should enforce it. People who smoke should keep in mind that it is not only their own health, but also others health because of the second hand smoking.”

Another campus change will be affecting the staff at the Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Center. This year, Scott Radtke, who has been working as a counselor at Lawrence, returns as Associate Dean of Students for Health and Wellness. Additionally, David Mettille has been hired as Administrative Assistant in the Wellness Center, a new position. Kathleen Fuchs will work part-time while “wrapping up Lawrence’s involvement with the Lifeline grant as she transitions to retirement” as the Lifeline grant coordinator.

Drew Ryan, the Kohler Residence Hall Director, believes that it is a really good change. “Mr. Scott has lots of knowledge and experiences. Besides, he has already made good changes to campus, like more hours to see [a] health counselor. I think more students should know about that, since it’s not only a staff thing.”