Fly on the wall “The Museum of Homo Sapien Studies”

So, you walk up to the doors, right? Except, they’re not doors. In fact, it’s just a hallway with an entrance, I don’t know why I mentioned doors.

So, you walk up to the entryway. Entryway. Yeah, that’s a good word. It’s an entryway, there are no doors. So, you go inside, and it’s just huge. I mean — I’ve never seen anything like it! The ceilings? They just go up and up and you- And the hall? The one that you kind of are already in ‘cause the entryway is just a hall, so you’re really just going down a long corridor—It’s long! So, so long!

And there’s stuff! As soon as you cross over the threshold of the non-door-having entryway, there’s all this old museum-worthy stuff just there to greet you. It’s a little bit overwhelming. Yep, I cried. Well, not cried. I teared up. Or, maybe I entertained the thought of doing so. The point is, it was beautiful. Just magnificent. The finest pieces of art, there for a regular old bugger like me to see.

And it was free! Did I mention it was free? ‘Cause I sure feel like that is the most important part. It was free to walk through the entryway of that long corridor and look at all that fine, old art for free. What a world we live in, I tell ya. What a world. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part. Are you ready for this? I don’t think so…

I got to ride him! Yes, yes, yes! You are reading that correctly. I got to ride- well, I guess not ride. More like we got to go all inside and see what the humans used to be made of. It was magnificent I tell ya. Magnificent.

I can’t wait to see what other amazing experiences this old city has in store.