In Other News…

BOSTON – A Boston University medical student is being held without bail for the robbery of one woman and the murder of another, both of whom he met on Craigslist. Philip Markoff, 22, allegedly robbed the first woman at a Westin Hotel, and four days later, he tried to rob 26-year-old Julissa Brisman, who he killed when the robbery went awry.
– www.cnn.comAccording to U.S. researchers, the world’s rivers have declined significantly in the past 50 years. The study suggests the reduced flows are linked to climate change and other human activities such as dam-building and the agricultural diversion of water. The overall decline of freshwater flow into the world’s oceans will have a serious impact on the world’s growing populations.
– www.bbcnews.com

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Supreme Court is reviewing a civil rights case brought by a group of firefighters from New Haven, Connecticut who claim reverse discrimination in promotions. They insist there has been enough civil rights progress in the past 20 years to successfully eliminate special treatment for minorities.
– www.cnn.com