Athletes of the Week

Jeanelle Adams

Adam Ferguson
Men’s Golf
Describe the best round of golf you have played while at Lawrence.
The best round of golf I ever played was my freshmen year at the Marian Invitational – it was actually my first college tournament. Although it wasn’t my lowest score in my career, it was special because it was the only college tournament where I shot under par on the front nine.Who do you want to win the Master’s? Why?
Phil Mickelson. Even though he probably won’t at this point because he is seven shots back, I still want him to win because he is my guy.

What are the team’s goals for the season?
For the season, we just look to improve each week. The season is short and early on we can’t expect much because we haven’t practiced a whole lot. We had a rough weekend this past weekend, with the exception of Jon Mays, but we all look to improve and peak for the conference tournament.

Would you rather putt or drive the ball? Why?
I’d rather putt for sure. First, it’s less energy used and, second, it can make or break a hole. You may play poorly but you putter can save you. On the other hand, you could hit a great drive but three putt. The drive starts it, but the putter finishes it.

Gatorade, Powerade or All-Sport? Why?
Ms. Pedro’s orange Gatorade for sure!

Travis Fondow
Men’s Tennis
Do you prefer to hit the ball forehand or backhand? Why?
Well that all depends. If the ball is coming to my right side I usually hit a forehand, but if the ball is coming to my left side, I usually hit a backhand. My best shot is my “tweener,” which you hit between your legs when the ball is headed right at you. While it’s not my highest-percentage shot, the crowd loves it. Come see a match Saturday, April 18 or Sunday April 26 at home and see for yourself.

What are the team’s goals for the season? How does the team plan to accomplish these goals?
Last year we had a really great year, making it to the conference tournament for the first time. It was so awesome that we ended up nicknaming it “The Chronic” due to my own and my teammates’ affinity for gangster rap. This year has appropriately been nicknamed 2009: The Next Episode, as we hope to win the North Division by taking down Norbert, and then playing Grinnell in the finals for a chance to go to Nationals. We failed in our goal of winning the IM B-Ball league mostly because our starting point guard Dan Hertel sprained his ankle before the playoffs, but we hope to make up for that by accomplishing our tennis goals.

Who is your favorite professional tennis player? Why?
My favorite Pro Tennis player is the fictional Richie Tenanbaum from the movie “The Royal Tenanbaums.” I try to emulate his style on the court.

What has been your favorite tennis moment over the past four years (either on or off the court)?
My favorite moment had to be last year, beating our hated rival Ripon. I mean we are just two teams that don’t like each other. Their coach at the time was a former player who had deliberately hit a ball at our former coach our freshman year, which in tennis speak is equivalent to Ron Artest punching a fan, or Todd Bertouzie clubbing that other hockey player in the head. The match was super intense and it ended up coming down to Dan Hertel’s match at two singles, in a third-set tiebreaker, which is the tennis equivalent to sudden death triple overtime. The match didn’t end until 12:30 in the morning and we all ran out on the court to congratulate Dan and celebrate was the highlight of my young life. That or when Dano and I celebrated our 21st at the VR earlier that month, tough call.

Do you have a pre-match routine? If so, what is it?
Before I play a match, I like to prepare like a boxer. Tennis and boxing are really very similar, except with a little less violence in the former. However, they are very similar in the kind of mindset one has to have. I usually start by skipping rope after doing our warm up to get in the mood. Also before every point, I think of myself as a boxer coming out of the corner for the opening round of a fight, and a little bell goes off in my head.