What is true about the Masters?

Matt Hoh

1. There have been only five golfers to win all the major championships in a career.
2. The first Masters was named the Azalea Classic.
3. The 2007 Masters was special because it had the highest winning score ever.
4. There has never been a winner of the Masters who was not in the top 10 on the final day.
5. The record number of strokes that a player has won by is 12.Answers:
1. T: The five to do so where Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Tiger Woods.
2. F: The first name was the Augusta National Invitation Tournament.
3. F: Zach Johnson did win the tournament with a score of +1, which was tied for the highest-ever winning score. However, the year 2007 marked the first time there were more foreign-born players than Americans.
4. F: He won the masters in 1959 by one stroke, in which he started the last round out of the top 10.
5. T: In 1997 Tiger Woods set the record, as he crushed all his competitors and won the tournament by a record 12 shots.