LETTER TO THE EDITOR: End the violence

Dom Yarnell

Of the many opinions I encounter with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, by far the most common is one of hopelessness. Many Americans show an interest in the conflict between Israel and its neighbors, but after an attempt to understand the situation, most get frustrated with the conflicting information and give up.

The latest example of such conflicting information is the Israeli killing of two Palestinian intelligence officers: Israel states that the men were shot as they attempted to flee a house after ignoring orders to halt, but Palestinian security forces say the men were shot in their beds.

One side is lying, and if we can learn anything from history, we can safely assume it’s the Palestinians.

Although many Americans are unaware of the intense Palestinian misinformation campaign, Israelis know the ruse as commonplace. Palestinian lies were recently exposed after the Israeli invasion into the Jenin refugee camp (a.k.a. City of Bombers).

In preparation for an investigation into the operation, Palestinian officials went to great lengths to portray an Israeli massacre, including carting in dead animals to purvey the stench of death, holding funeral processions with previously buried bodies to inflate the body count, and even holding funeral processions with live people pretending to be dead.

An Israeli drone videotaped one such “funeral” procession in which the man pretending to be dead fell off the stretcher, got up, and created quite a fright for nearby Palestinians who ran away believing the “body” had risen from the dead.

The video was played over the Israeli news, and you can see the clip for yourself at www.israelinsider.com.

I implore you to make an earnest effort to examine the situation and tell your congressman which side you support. See for yourself which side offers peace and which side renounces peace in favor of aggression.

Which side educates its children to coexist with their neighbors, and which side trains its children to commit acts of terrorism at summer training camps? Which side stands by its word, and which side consistently lies?

Which side declared a national day of mourning in reaction to September 11, and which side danced in the streets and distributed candy to their children?

If you truly wish to end the injustices perpetrated against Israelis and innocent Palestinians, you should support Israel in its efforts to fight terrorism.