What is True about NBA Playoffs?

Matt Hoh

1. During the first year of the NBA playoffs only six teams made it.
2. The worst seed to ever win a championship was a six seed.
3. The Los Angeles Lakers hold the record for most NBA finals series wins.
4. Shaquille O’Neal’s teams have a record of 25-0 for series when they have won the first game in the series.
5. LeBron James scored the final 29 points for the Cavaliers in game five of the 2007 Easter Conference Playoffs to beat Detroit in double-overtime.
1. T: It remained this way until 1984 when the tournament expanded to 16 teams.
2. T: In ’94-’95 the Houston Rockets won even though they were only a six seed.
3. F: The Lakers hold the record for most series played with 28, and a record of 14-14; however, the most wins goes to the Boston Celtics with a record of 16-3.
4. T: If his team has won the first game in the series they have won that series. This holds true for all teams he played with – Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat.
5. F: Incredibly, James scored the last 25 points and 29 of the last 30.players than Americans.