STAFF EDITORIAL: Printed v. online schedules for registration

The Lawrentian would like to see the return of printed class schedules for next year. While the online schedules provide students with the most recent information, it is often more convenient to pick up a physical copy. The online schedules can create a more difficult situation for some students. For example, performance majors have to scroll through 26 pages of private lessons, that is, if the link is functioning.

In addition to the website’s fluctuating ability to recall the correct, updated links, or any links at all, the format of the schedule makes it impossible to cut and paste any text from the document. As a result, students wind up printing out page after page instead of having an already-bound course schedule.

To arrange a schedule, it is helpful to be able to mark up a schedule, not try to remember what was in the last window you opened.

Also, students without computers in their room must always go out of their way to access the information.

The benefits of the online version—being able to quickly access course changes or cancellations—are still very helpful, but they do not outweigh the easy-access of the printed catalogues. It would be in the students’ best interest to provide them with both.