LUCC passes constitutional reform package

The LUCC Constitutional Reform Package, which was voted on during 10th week and finals week of winter term, passed with an overwhelming majority.
A complete summary and results can be found on the LUCC bulletin board in the Union.
Listed below are some changes:
Article II now allows the council to remove an inactive representative by unanimous roll call vote. Previously the council had to endure representatives who neglected their duties but cannot be replaced because they did not resign and there was no petition forthcoming from their constituency. “Unanimous roll call vote” assures that the provision cannot be used frivolously.
Article III reorients the cabinet to create a new public-relations secretary. This position will act as a liaison between LUCC and the student body, and furthers our efforts toward transparency and disclosure.
Please let us know if we can do anything for you (
-Cabinet 2009-2010