Staff Editorial

Toward the latter part of second term, our campus was the target of a string of thefts. The thefts were numerous and occurred in multiple locations. These thefts are both startling and sad. While no suspects or charges have been announced, we have faith that all necessary steps are being taken to catch the culprits.
Our administration and campus security, in cooperation with the Appleton police department, have responded in a quick and strong manner. Security has increased its presence in campus facilities that have valuables worth stealing. The Information Technology Center has installed “sonic shock alarms” that alert security services when campus’s most valuable computers are being tampered with.
Security has posted signs in many buildings notifying readers that there have been recent thefts in these buildings and to remain vigilant. They have also posted signs in the library and other areas where students gather reminding them not to leave valuables unattended and take extra precautions in guarding possessions. While protecting our campus and personal belongings with renewed dedication, security has been careful to not infringe where they are not needed.
They deserve both post and gratitude for these efforts.
We encourage all Lawrentians to take heed of the signs security has posted and remain diligent in effort to prevent any further thefts and maintain the level of safety our campus normally enjoys.