D&IC re-opens, plans events for Winter Term

The Diversity and Intercultural Center, pictured above, has offically re-opened and is planning several events to take place in Winter Term.

Photo by Sebastian Evans.

The Diversity and Intercultural Center (D&IC) is planning several events for both on- and off-campus students this term, including a Lunar New Year celebration, opportunities for students to de-stress and events centered on Black History Month, which is celebrated in February. 

In previous years, Lawrence’s Lunar New Year celebrations — which are a collaborative effort between the D&IC, Lawrence International and various student organizations on campus — have included live performances and food. This year, the celebration, taking place Saturday, Feb. 13, at 7 p.m., will be held virtually. However, on-campus students will be able to pick up goodie bags of treats and activities to accompany the event. 

The D&IC’s Black History Month events, which were developed in collaboration with the Black Student Union, are occurring at 6 p.m. each Tuesday during the month of February. Events include a jeopardy game on Black history on Feb. 2, a film screening of the documentary “Talking Black in America” on Feb. 9 and a follow-up discussion of the film on Feb. 16. 

“We feel it’s important [to host Black History Month events] because, in years previous, when there is Black History Month, there isn’t any formal planning, at least around the university. The D&IC felt this was not only an opportunity but that it was something needed to have this programming for our student body,” said sophomore Malcolm Davis, one of the D&IC’s program coordinators. 

Additionally, the D&IC’s Crystal Making event on Feb. 4 and the “Setting Up For Success” event on Feb. 20 are opportunities for students to de-stress and take time for themselves. Crystal Making is a grab-and-go event in which students can take supplies and instructions to make a crystal independently. Setting Up For Success will provide students with self-care, studying and time-management tips from the D&IC, the Center for Academic Success and the Wellness Center. 

Sophomore and D&IC program coordinator Lara Ramirez said of the planning process for these events: “When I go into planning events, I keep three things in mind: how can I keep the students engaged, de-stressed and allow them to have fun while learning? I also keep in mind [if students can] be part of this event both on campus and off campus … When students come in, they feel a certain way, and we just want them to leave feeling refreshed. And, not only that, but when they come to D&IC events, we want them to make connections with other students and learn about the resources that are on campus.” 

As with last term, students can also book a space in the D&IC to relax, study or speak with staff. Yeng Lee, Assistant Director of the D&IC, hopes that more students will take advantage of D&IC resources this term. 

“I hope students can come to our events or come to the center and feel more at home,” Lee said. “It’s Winter Term, so it’s gloomy, and people tend to feel more lonely or sad. So, I hope that people who come to [the D&IC] will feel some sort of warmth and sense of home.” 

More information about the D&IC’s events and spaces is available on the Diversity and Intercultural Center website and monthly newsletter.