What’s on your record player?

Phil Kronenberg

1. “What Makes A Man Start Fires?” by The Minutemen
1-2 minute punk/hardcore songs. Need I say more?2. “Bach Goldberg Variations ” by Glenn Gould
I found this record at the Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, New Jersey, for $2. It is in great condition and doesn’t skip! No one plays Bach like Gould.

3. “The Visitor” by Jim O’Rourke
This is my favorite album of 2009, and it’s another amazing record by one of my favorite artists. It took him nearly two years to record it and one year to mix it!

4. “Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?” by Of Montreal
Alex Schaaf made me realize the greatness of this band. I am glad I listened to him because I can’t stop singing many of these songs.

5. “Wilco (the album)” by Wilco
I guess the hipster thing to say is how great Wilco used to be during the “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” era. But to me, Jeff Tweedy keeps making great records with an amazing band and I can’t wait to hear the next one!

6. “The Moon Last Night” by Loren Connors
This is a one-sided record in which Connors creates weird low harsh noises and soft haunting melodies on his guitar in his New York apartment.

7. “Actor” by St. Vincent
Beautiful orchestrations, dark lyrics and some fuzz guitar. I am in love.

8. “Alone Together” by Jim Hall and Ron Carter
Six standards and two originals showcase the genius of this duo. If you play guitar, you need to listen to Jim Hall. This record continues to blow my mind.

9. “Have One On Me” by Joanna Newsom
I have only listened to this a couple of times since it is two hours long! I just saw her in Milwaukee and she really is growing on me a lot.

10. “Characters” by John Abercrombie
I am just starting to listen to him, along with this other guitar player Ralph Towner, and the couple records I have by him are expanding my view of how I approach the guitar.