The Joys of EBay

Wow! A whole new term! Crazy, right? Over spring break, fashion was definitely something that plagued my thoughts. In this sense, plague was defi- nitely a bad thing. When left to my own devices for ten-ish days I con- stantly found myself scrolling on Depop. Spending hours focusing on the prices of some thrifted favorites, incessantly scrolling through Instagram fashion pictures and many more borderline- obsessive means of looking at clothing. Although, something great did come of this! One day, as I was scrolling through Tik Tok (as a quarantined lady does) I found one of my favorite Depop sellers’ accounts! I was stalking their videos when I saw one of their answers to a question. The question asked something along the lines of “Where do you find your rings?”, which is a question I have pondered for a while now. Obviously, I am an avid ring fan. The seller respond- ed, “Oh, ebay! They’re very cheap on there”.

Now, this shook my world. I was aware that Ebay was like… a thing, how- ever, I wasn’t too familiar using it. Also, I was under the impression that it was a little bit sus. Sus is short for suspicious. I threw caution to the wind and immedi- ately downloaded the app. I mean, how could I not, the seller said they’ve found rings for nine dollars! Now, this was huge for me. I’ve spent upwards of sixty dollars on a ring before! The reason that these rings are so expensive is because they are sterling silver. I prefer to wear sterling silver rings because if I don’t there’s always a chance I’m gonna get green fingers. Not a good look for me, maybe it works better on other people. I don’t know!

So, upon downloading the app, I remembered that I was eye-ing a cardigan that was on Ebay. I never bought it; I didn’t wanna go out of my way to make an Ebay account for some what of an overpriced cardigan. Well… one thing led to another and since I had my brand spankin’ new Ebay account, I decided to treat myself! I bought myself the most ornate, pastel, springy sweater one has ever seen. It was from a brand called StoryBook Knits. This brand is perfect. Although, they went out of business! The only place you can get their clothing is through resale. They hand knit all of their cardigans on their own with the most abstract colors and designs. I am so enamored with them.

Next, I went looking for the rings. Except, I didn’t fully understand the way Ebay worked. I started making bids on… well… most things I saw. I didn’t know one was expected to buy every auction they won. I kinda put myself into a cor- ner… But I won a lot of rings! The first ring I got was a chunky ring with a large pink stone. This ring was only, drum roll, twelve dollars! If I had bought this at a farmers market or at a vintage shop it would have definitely been upwards of forty dollars. It felt like such a steal! The next ring I bought was a thinner silver ring with a blue lapis stone in it. It was definitely a little tight, but I just decided to keep it on my fingers all the time! I am so so pleased with my Ebay rings! I rec- ommend it to anyone who is looking for a cheap alternative and is sick of over- paying at vintage shops. No hate though, I love going to a good vintage shop.

So, to sum it up, don’t ever overpay for jewelry. Shop smarter not harder. Although, this kinda does only apply to vintage jewelry. You probably won’t find Cartier or Rolex for twelve bucks on Ebay. You could definitely look though. One drawback I did find was that the sizing for rings really does vary. However, try and buy rings that have a sizer in one of their pictures. There’re so many crazy, thrifted, ornamental, beau- tiful and shocking pieces on Ebay. I’m kinda sad I’ve missed out thus far!