What’s on your mind, Rosie?

Pets are such a big part of our lives, but do you ever guess what they are thinking? Each week, I will take a different pet and write their “inner thoughts.”

My name Rosie, and I am new. My personality has not been obvious yet because I only hunt with dad, sleep (even when I slide off couch) and be humped by my dog sister. I don’t really know if they know much about me, but I know they love me! I love them without any doubt. The perfect family. My parents paid for time with Joe and fun dogs and no diapers and even to bring me home! I have no complaints, except for my sister’s behavior. She such attention hog! If I get toy, she take it and destroy. Everything for me becomes hers, even attention. That’s why I so submissive; she’s not worth my time. It’s like I bigger dog in age, too. See, when I come home, we the same size. I thought she was going to be mentor and then I left to hunt and I grow up. When I come back, she still little punk with no manners. And she small. She try to drag me down too. So I no listen, and I only respond to whistle. Even in my sleep, I hear that noise from big screen and I wake up like a good dog. But I so stubborn. Once I am comfy I no want to leave, just like dad. I obsessed with him because he more like me than that dog. We love outside and birds. We snuggle and when he gone I snuggle mom too. On walkies, I have no patience for Piper so I take her on her leash and brag that I do not need leash because I good and will not run away, unless I wanna say hi to my friends next door. We love to wrestle, especially on walks because our human sister loves that, but I think I could fit Piper’s whole puny head in my mouth if I wanted. She so small and vicious. When I get tired of walks, I stop and do not move. I’m ok here, just let me sit. I oafish. Sometimes, I love watching those little bugs called caterpillars. They confuse me. I do not understand what this world is. I am so confused with life. I just do what I want and try to make those humans happy so I am a good dog. It’s really not hard because of who my sister is. My human siblings good. I love my sister’s room because it have bouncy bed and couch that Piper and me love jumping on. But mom always close door! The boy she brings makes Piper really excited but make me pounce higher than his head! He fun. My brother not here often, but he good to sleep next to. I love sleep because I almost always tired. There not much to do and I think I meant to be active with dad but I do not always want to. I do have routine in morning because I smart and good and I have no patience for things done without my way. That’s me, Rosie! Good, honest, hardworking, hardly working, but not dog sister. So I good. And my humans so good!! Now I tired, bye!