Letters of Advice from alumni to the Class of 2015

Josh Dukelow ’02 and Jesica Dukelow ’02

Dear Class of 2015,

Simply by matriculating at Lawrence, you have accomplished something. Not everyone who applied was accepted, and not all who were accepted will graduate. Earning a degree here will be one of the most difficult undertakings of your entire life. I can confirm that future jobs or graduate programs will not have the same difficulty as some of the courses and professors you will encounter here. This is a good thing. Understand the special opportunity you have by simply trying to make it here. This is a big deal!

In a college of this size, you have a responsibility to make your contribution to the student body. Find your own way to participate in order to make the most of your college years. While a diversity of experiences is important, please beware not to overextend yourself by taking on too much. I’ve seen too many eager, energetic students burn out because they took on too much. Balance your activities with social time and relaxation so you are able to perform at your best. Work hard, play harder!

During your time here you will get at least hundreds of hours of homework. There will also be hundreds of plays, games, concerts, lectures and performances going on. Among all of these opportunities, don’t forget to drop in your advisor’s office, just to chat. Stay up late talking with the people on your floor. Walk along the river at sunset. These are the moments and experiences you will take with you, along with the many lifelong friends you will make that you haven’t even met yet. You only get four or five years here, don’t waste it!

Warm regards,

Josh Dukelow ‘02


Dear Class of 2015,

Welcome to Lawrence! I’m Jessa Dukelow, alumna of Lawrence and a current staff member. Working at my alma mater has allowed me to see students experience LU in some of the same ways I did, but also helps me see what I missed out on during my 1998-2002 tenure. The following “do’s and don’ts” are merely suggestions, but they come from someone that was once where you are, and wishes she could be there again.

• Don’t be shy. Realize that most everyone in your class is looking to make new friends. Be yourself, have fun with it and, when appropriate, silliness can do wonders to loosen up an awkward room.

• Do visit the Career Center! It’s never too early to start thinking about your future plans. From advice on careers to internship placement, the people working there are friendly and helpful.

• Don’t limit yourself. There are so many student organizations that you must try at least one new thing during your time here. You never know what might become your new hobby, or where you might find your new best friend.

• Do go to convocation! I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am in “college Jessa” for skipping out on hearing these valuable speakers.

• Don’t think you know everything. I will be the first to admit that Lawrence students are brilliant and involved people, but listen to the advice of the advisers and upperclassmen you will meet along the way.


Jessica Dukelow ‘02

Associate Director, Office of Alumni and Constituency Engagement