What’s true about the NCAA tournament?… rt

Matt Hoh

1. Notre Dame has won the most NCAA tournament games without winning a championship.
2. The Ohio Valley conference has the longest current drought since its last NCAA tournament win.
3. Duke was the last team to win the championship and return to the championship game the next year.
4. There has been a championship team who was able to avoid the highest possible seed in each round beside the first round game.
5. Joakim Noah from Florida holds the record for the most blocks in a single tournament.Answers
1. F: The team with the most wins and no championship is Illinois, they have 38 wins and 4 final fours and one championship appearance all without a championship.
2. T: The last game they won was in 1989 where Middle Tennessee (13 seed) defeated Florida State in the first round.
3. F: Duke does have the last to have back to back wins in 91-92, Kentucky is last to go to back to back games. The wildcats won in 96 and lost in 97 to Arizona.
4. T: Arkansas won the whole tournament in 94 as they only faced the highest possible seed in the first round of the tournament.
5. T: Noah had 29 blocks which broke the previous record by 5.