In Other News…

CHICAGO – Paul Harvey, a public radio personality who was on the air for more than 57 years, passed away Saturday at the age of 90. An ABC Radio Networks spokesman said that Harvey was with family in Phoenix when he died, though the cause of death has not yet been released.
-www.chicagotribune.comCHICAGO – Seven police officers in Chicago will be disciplined after failing to notice that a 14-year-old boy was pretending to be an officer. The boy impersonated a police officer for five hours, drove a patrol car and pulled a suspect’s arm behind his back so the officers could handcuff him.

WASHINGTON – Ingmar Guandique, 27, the Salvadoran immigrant suspected in the killing of Washington intern Chandra Levy, has allegedly told two others he killed her in 2001. Guandique is currently serving two 10-year sentences for other attacks in 2001.