College Ave Rewind(s): These might just keep you up at night

It’s spooky season! It has been a rainy couple of weeks but nevertheless, the leaves are falling off the trees, and fall is on its way. These past few weeks have been strange. We are in the middle of October and mother nature can’t decide between warm or cold, wet or dry. The sun’s out, the sun’s gone. Inevitably, Halloween comes around and everything rights itself, which includes the perfect excuse to eat candy all day. And best of all, the next day, when we swear never to eat candy until the next year, it’s November, which means it’s nearing that time of year when the free-will eating begins for many of us and the holiday season is upon us!  

Alright, onto this week’s topic. TV. Spooky TV. Horror TV. The shows you probably shouldn’t watch before you go to bed at night, but do anyway TV. There are so many shows to choose from and so little viewing time, so here are two of my essential go-tos during the spooky season.   

First up, we have the one and only, the iconic, Stranger Things. The chances of you, reader, having already seen this series is likely, but I’m going to write about it anyway because it is one of a kind. I wouldn’t categorize  Stranger Things as scary TV but it certainly is spooky. Stranger Things is a show that has never let me down, season after season. Its first season came out in 2016 and sparked interest in young teens and adults alike, growing a very large mainstream fan base. Each of the new seasons return with the beloved characters we know and love. The masterpiece that is Stranger Things revolves around the story of a boy named Will who suddenly vanishes, forcing his best friends to search for him where they meet up with a  mysterious, yet powerful girl. Throughout the show, which takes place in the fictional small town of Hawkins, Indiana, they uncover the government’s secret portals to other worlds, scary monsters and of course, the upside-down. One can only hope that the already now-delayed fourth season doesn’t take forever to return. 

Next is Black Mirror. Named after the black reflection we see when we look at our devices, this is by far one of the eeriest and most disturbing shows I have ever seen in my 19 years. Black Mirror is a series of episodes with no direct connections to one another other than the creators of the show tap into the modern and sometimes futuristic world, and explore the advancements and consequences of technology and their effect on society and individuals. Basically, what would it be like if technology took over our world? Each episode has a specific topic, such as being stratified based on your social media rating. Or, being able to project your entire life onto the TV and then pressing play. The experience of watching Black Mirror is like no other. Episodes like “Shut Up and Dance” show the severe consequences of having someone watching you at all times through your computer. Or, “Playtest,” where a man enters a video game-like simulation and it’s just so horrifying what happens.  

I am hopeful that if you haven’t already had the pleasures of enjoying these shows, you’ll give them a try in your free time. Stranger Things is a super easy and fun show to watch, but don’t let Black Mirror spook you out or make you think too much. It’s alright, our world is still somewhat okay for now.