Women’s basketball finishes its season

Tristan Lipe

In the last two games of the season, the Vikes looked to get their first win and end on a high note. First, they faced off at home against a Beloit team that has been near the top of the conference standings all season. The Vikes played hard but once again struggled to score in the first half.
The Vikes put up only 16 points in the first half while giving up 28; they could only put up 20 points in the second half and fell short of Beloit 36-58. Erin Henzi led the Vikes with 11 points, Katie Condon and Laura Aerts each added seven points and Mara Hagopian put up six.
The ladies hoped to turn their luck around against Ripon. The Vikes pushed hard in the first half and put up 24, keeping it close at the half and trailing by only four. The Vikes could not beat down the Ripon offense in the second half as the Vikes lost 45-60. They were led once again by Aerts who had 10 points, Henzi who had 14 points, Katie Van Es who had seven and Mara Hagopian who had six.
The Vikes had a long and tough season and though they did not get the win they were looking for, they played very hard and showed a lot of pride in their play. They battled in every game despite the fact that they only had seven players on the roster for the majority of the season. The Vikes will lose strong players in Henzi and Hagopian, but the rest of the team should return next year looking to improve upon this season.