Athletes of the Week

Alyssa Onan

(Photo courtesy of MacKenzie Fye)

MacKenzie Fye: Student Athletic Trainer

1) Favorite part of athletic training? Least favorite? Why?

Taping ankles is my favorite part of athletic training, I’ve become a bit of a perfectionist about it. I love when I can get the tape perfectly flat. I also loved learning about new injuries and stretches.

Least favorite part: taping smelly feet — mostly the basketball team’s.

2) Which team is your favorite to train for? Why?

This answer would get me in trouble either way, so I am going to answer it this way instead: My soccer girls are a lot of work and always keep me on my toes, but are also very self-sufficient. The basketball guys, well, they are by no means self-sufficient — but they did appreciate how much I did for them by the end and I know they will miss me next year.

3) Favorite taping to do? Why?

Even though I’ve had the opportunity to do many different taping styles, my favorite is still probably a regular ankle taping. I like to see how quickly I can do it each time.

4) What will you miss most after you’re done and graduated?

I’ve spent so much time in the athletic training room during the last four years that I’m going to miss just being in the room and helping athletes with injuries and stretching.

5) What made you decide to become a student athletic trainer?

I played on the women’s soccer team for my first two years at Lawrence, but I injured my hip during my sophomore year and decided not to get surgery. I loved being with the team and didn’t want to be done with soccer since it has always been a part of me, so athletic training seemed to be the next best thing — and I ended up loving it almost as much as I do soccer.

Alex Chiodo: Softball

1) What’s the biggest difference between college and high school? How did you adjust to it?

The biggest change was getting to know a whole new set of girls and learning [to navigate] new team chemistry. Starting over and going back to being a freshman was a big change, too. I just did what I know how to do, I went on to the field and played the game I love. It was easy to develop good chemistry with our team.

2) If you could play any other position, what would it be and why?

I already play outfield, catcher and first, but I always have this fantasy of going back to pitching because it was so much fun.

3) Describe the perfect playing conditions.

I love playing in the summer — high 80s low 90s. This whole season was pretty chilly so we did not really get to enjoy the weather. Playing on the Florida fields were great: They were soft and really easy to play on. We didn’t have to worry about getting too cut up.

4) What are your favorite drills to do during practice? Your least favorite?

I love fly balls; any chance where I get to dive I love. Outfield has always been one of my favorite positions. My least favorite drill is trying to do infield practice in the gym. We were stuck doing this a good portion of the season because of the poor weather; the gym floor cannot even come close to the softball field.

5) How are you going to prepare for next season during the offseason?

This summer I will be playing travel ball as well as coaching. Every weekend will entail softball at some point. I am also going to be running every day and continuing tee work, as well as going to the cages as much as possible. It is going to be a busy summer.

(Photo courtesy of Alex Chiodo)