In Other News…

TEHRAN, IRAN – Wednesday, Iranian and Russian officials conducted a successful test of the first power plant to be built in Iran. The power plant is estimated to be fully operational by the end of the year.
-washingtonpost.comMINNESOTA & WISCONSIN – A few elementary teachers are implementing “activity-permissive” classrooms. The classrooms have adjustable desks, which allow students to stand or sit on stools, and aim to increase concentration, study, and calorie burning.

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is nearing a decision on a 19-month withdrawal plan for the majority of U.S. troops in Iraq. Military officials said on Tuesday that a timetable for withdrawal could be released by this week. The plan would be a compromise between Obama’s original proposal for a 16-month withdrawal timetable and the military’s 23-month timetable.