Staff Editorial

Over reading period, the Lawrentian staff had the opportunity to spend time at Lawrence’s Bj”rklunden retreat in Door County. It reminded us that the nice facilities at Bj”rklunden, which are at our disposal, are one of the nicest perks of the Lawrence Difference.
Bj”rklunden provides a great resource for student groups to meet and get off campus to better concentrate on their activity of choice. Likewise, Bj”rklunden affords members of those groups the enjoyment of leaving campus, the change of scenery and pace, the impressive surroundings and Steve Martin’s awesome cooking.
There are very few things to say about Bj”rklunden that are not complimentary.
That being said, more students should be able to enjoy the benefits of Bj”rklunden. Many student groups do not always fill the slots they are allotted on their given weekend, or simply are unable to go. A suggestion that we would like to make at The Lawrentian is to open these empty slots up to the rest of the student body. A sign-up sheet at the Info Desk every week would allow those who are less involved in student organizations, or those who wish to get off campus for the weekend for a break or mental health reasons, to enjoy a refreshing, well-fed weekend.
We understand that there may be many drawbacks to this proposal. It may be that the financial cost would be too great a burden. We are also unsure of how this plan would be met by students; abusing this privilege would be easy. However, we feel that it is something worth discussing.