College Ave Rewind(s): Missing the Pets

In my opinion, one of the hardest things about being away from home is that I really miss my cats. I want to be there when the super-sleek grey one steals cheese from someone’s plate while they’re eating. I want to hear the crash as the little tabby one knocks a vase off the counter. Then I might not see her for hours because she has scared herself into hiding. Both of my kittens were rescued from our neighborhood at different times by my family. Fostering them back to health included many bottle-feedings and endless hours of carrying them everywhere with us, hiding the fact they had fleas from one parent, and all the while falling madly in love. Then, the persuasive arguments (aka begging) to keep them began. In the end, it wasn’t the toughest sell. We named them, and now they are loyal members of our family. Remy was found in 2017 at about 10 to 14 days old because he was screaming while he was stuck under a friend’s back deck. Mikey was found on our front step at six weeks old, lifeless from a lack of food and hydration, likely left behind by her mother. They are the furry loves of my life. Being away at school is tough without them. I miss all of it. Mikey waking me in the morning by swatting at my hand until I pet her, and even Remy, who frequently waits to attack my feet as I innocently walk by, are things I wish I had right now. If you’re still reading, you can probably relate to the pet love. Here are some ideas to help you with the “What to do when I miss my pet?”  

First off, we all have phones, so chances are you have photos of your furry friend(s) in your camera roll, which means they are always right there for us to stare at, laugh at or just remember how much we love them. Ask for pics or videos! Text your siblings, parents, friends and have them capture anything from the funny moments to the beautiful, mundane occurrences like your puppy sleeping on FaceTime with your mom. Demand an appearance from your hamster. Talk to your dog. It all helps.  

Another trick that works well for me is talking about them. Next time you find yourself running out of small talk ideas, find out who has pets, what kind of pets and what their stories are. You will find that most people love to share details about their non-human besties. I have a few Polaroids of Remy and Mike on the wall in my room right next to my beloved human friends. Without a doubt, that inspires whoever is looking at them to pull out their phones and begin to share about their pets waiting for them at home.  

Something else I highly recommend is going to visit the beautiful service dog in the Warch lobby on Thursday evenings. Peak is the fluffiest and prettiest white-coated Golden Retriever you have ever seen. Peak’s favorite toy is a fluffy stuffed chicken toy that she keeps in her mouth as she walks to each person, letting them pet her soft fur. If you’re lucky, sometimes she’ll even lay her head in your lap. Nothing beats a happy dog who’s excited to see you, especially one whose job it is to help you maintain your sanity. And they are excellent at it. This visit truly is one of the many highlights in my week. Peak and her trainer are at the back of the main floor of Warch every Thursday at 6:30pm.