The Final Letter From This Editor

Dear Reader,

Oh, what a ride it has been!

This edition marks my last as Editor-in-Chief of The Lawrentian. Many people have asked me if I’m sad to be leaving, if it’s hard to pass the torch. In all honesty, I am not sad at all. And I think that’s because of my wonderful staff.

I am so grateful to have had the chance to learn and grow alongside them. It has been a privilege to witness writers grow into editors, staff into leaders and, thankfully, coworkers into friends. I am beyond proud of the progress we have made individually and as an organization.

I am not sad to leave because I know that the new leadership is committed to continuing to improve The Lawrentian. They will not be complacent. This is evident even in this final edition, as we finalize a new policy to make our Opinions & Editorials section more accessible to guest writers. Kudos to Evan for his initiative on this endeavor.

At the end of each editorial board meeting, I ask if anyone has any questions, comments, concerns or coups. My tenure is done, but no one has taken me up on a single coup. Maybe it’s because they’ve had my back through it all, pushing and questioning me while also standing by me when the situation called for solidarity. To my staff, you all have exemplified comradery and teamwork, and I am beyond grateful for each of you. Thank you for sharing your talents, time and curiosity with me.

As always, thank you for reading.

Molly Ruffing, Outgoing Editor-in-Chief