Thank your ’22 seniors

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I’m not an especially sentimental person when it comes to things ending. When I graduated high school, I didn’t really feel that sad. While I was leaving people behind, I knew I was going to be okay. The world keeps going, y’know? So, I didn’t think about goodbyes too much. That is, until I met Molly and Nora. 

Two of the most wonderful seniors here at LU, Molly and Nora are simply top tier friends. Like, for real. It really doesn’t get any better than them.  

We often say to each other that we wished we had met sooner. We really only became friends this past summer when we were all on campus (and I had the pleasure of living with Molly). But, in all honesty, I think we needed to meet when we did, even if that meant less time together before the two of them are ready to graduate. Had we met any sooner, I don’t think we would have become friends, or at least not as close as we are now. 

With each of us going through different ups and downs of our lives, we connected. And I am very glad we did. I’ve had friends in my life, obviously. But my friendship with Molly and Nora is on a different level of understanding.  

Molly and Nora are the type of person who make you feel loved even after you’ve convinced yourself you’re unlovable. 

Nora’s creativity always puts me in awe. I value her opinions because I know she’ll be honest. She’s the first person that really ever said I was an artist, and her thoughts on art and art making have really changed my perspective on creativity. She’s someone I don’t need to constantly be connecting with, because even if we drift away for a moment, we always pick up right where we left off. I always feel listened to and valuable when I’m with Nora, and that is such a comforting feeling to experience. Nora is someone I want to be friends with for the rest of my life, and even having that chance makes me the most thankful person in the world. 

Molly has a passionate heart. She really cares about what she does, more than I’ve ever seen someone care about anything. She is, however, one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met, in the best way. We’ve cried to each other, and we’ve laughed with each other – a lot. We’ve shared a lot of deep conversations at night in Taco Bell parking lots. I am grateful Molly is always willing to hear what I have to say, even if I think it’s small or stupid. She has taught me a lot about how to feel better about myself. I am forever thankful for the way Molly has changed my perspectives, shaped my ideas and taught me about what it means to care. 

So, why am I saying all these things about these two great people? Well, I think it’s time we take a step back and look at the people we’ve met here at Lawrence. This has certainly been a testing time and the class of ‘22 is the only class that has had a full year of the college experience pre-pandemic. We’ve all had to make some major adjustments to life during college and the pandemic, but I think the class of ‘22 has shown some real resilience.  

More likely than not, we’ve all been impacted by a senior on campus. With only a term left in the school year, I hope we reflect on what these important people have taught us. I say we go into spring term with full hearts and a lot of love for our seniors. We’ve all been through a lot – the class of ‘22 especially – but despite everything, these seniors have shown us love, and that’s something worth thanking them for. So please, thank your seniors. They deserve all the kindness. 

And, if you’re even close to having friends like Molly and Nora, I hope you know just how lucky you are. They have taught me a lot of things, but most importantly, they’ve shown me I am worthy of love.  

Thank you, Molly and Nora, for laughing with me until my lungs hurt so bad I couldn’t breathe. I cannot wait to keep cheering you two on as you continue to change the world. Love you both.