NFL postseason news

This week, even though the season is over, there have been several things that might change the NFL like we’ve known it for some time. Here is a short recap of some of the relevant news around the league as of late.

Brian Flores vs. The NFL

Ex- Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores has sued the NFL and Dolphins owner, in a case that strikes all of the NFL community. Alleging racial discrimination in hiring processes across the league, Flores listed the Dolphins, the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos. Also recalling messages between him and New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. In the suit, Flores implies that text messages sent to him by Bill Belichick, while the Patriots head coach mistakenly believed he was messaging Brian Daboll, show that Daboll had already secured the Giants’ head-coaching job. A gig that Flores had pursued after parting ways with the Dolphins. Reportedly, three days before Flores interviewed for the position. This is a situation to follow up closely, given that if any of it is true, some NFL owners and coaches might be facing serious legal issues, similar to ex- Las Vegas Raiders coach.

Aaron Rodgers, Kyler Murray, and overall QB situation

Finally, stranded star QB Deshaun Watson, who faces several charges for sexual assault, will have his situation sorted out this upcoming month, where we will know if he will be able to not only play, but perhaps face some jailtime. Or on the other side, he will finally be traded from Houston to any QB-needy squad. (extend a bit more at the beginning here, Rodgers might be traded, and Murray is facing administration and contract problems. Russ Wilson wants out of the seahawks.)

Finally, it is worth to mention how this week, not only the NFL, but other major American leagues, are looking to move forward from COVI-19 protocols. Exposing changes that come from not requiring vaccination, to having a full capacity, or even allowing guests to not wear a mask. Of course all of these changes might be prejudicial for public health, but profitable to all these leagues. There has been np word from public entities that might suggest blocking this movement. With professional sports leagues having lost several millions in revenue this past year, it is no surprise that they are looking to earn back the money they lost. Definitely something to look at.