New rules for trips to Bjorklunden

Meg Schultz

Students may no longer drive to Bjorklunden, Lawrence’e northwoods retreat in Door County. (Public Affairs )

Bjorklunden has a new policy concerning transportation to and from its location in Door County. Until recently, students traditionally rode in Lawrence vans, but the new policy demands students take buses. “The reasons are simple,” says Andrew Law, director of off-campus programs. “This new policy is primarily for safety, as well as being logistical. It also enhances the feeling of community that is the key aspect of the Bjorklunden experience.”

The policy, in addition to providing students with added amity, makes departures easier. Instead of having several van departure times, the bus policy requires a single time.

Attendance at Bjorklunden is not expected to decline, as one might assume, due to resentment on the part of Lawrence students who might feel that the bus policy infringes on their freedom of choice. Students, in fact, were never allowed to drive the vans, a common misconception. For those with special interests the policy would allow for exceptions (for example, when equipment must be taken along), but the policy will generally be strictly enforced.

When asked if this new policy was part of a growing trend, Law stated, “Bjorklunden is constantly under a state of reform to give the students the best experience possible.