Couple showering sparks protest

Rachel Hoerman

Posters advocating the limitation of the shower stalls to a single person appeared in the second floor of Plantz Hall two weekends ago, sparking controversy, protests, and contradictory posters from floor residents.Several of The Lawrentian’s sources confirm that the first signs were posted after a male and female purportedly shared a shower stall on Friday night. The initial posters reminding residents to shower alone appeared between 1 and 3 a.m. the next morning and were met with immediate opposition by some residents who found the reminders offensive.

Soon, a counter-campaign was launched with posters that advocated multiple-person showers. An actual multiple-person shower was held, with participating second-floor residents clothed in “bathing suits, with some even wearing boxer shorts and t-shirts,” according to second floor Plantz Hall resident Elizabeth Gucker.

After posters from both sides-but mostly the pro-multiple shower signs-were torn down, Residence Life Advisors posted reminders that discouraged such actions.

“Notes were left saying not to go up against RLA policy. We were surprised because the first posters were not signed,” Gucker said.

Of the second set of posters advocating multiple-person showers, second-floor Plantz resident Joanna Schander commented that, although she held no issues with the protest or protestors themselves, she felt that “some things on the posters were very suggestive.”

No signs advocating either side of the issue remain posted to this day, and though some RLA’s were unable or unwilling to comment, second-floor Plantz Residence Life Advisor Laura Zuege acknowledged that: “It (the showering controversy) is basically being delt with. It’s a sensitive subject and it is not being ignored.”

The LU Student Handbook makes no mention (prohibitive or otherwise) of group showering.

Plantz hall director Curt Lauderdale was unavailable for comment.