Recap: April 8 Q+A with Judy Heumann

Prominent disability rights advocate Judy Heumann joined the Lawrence University Disability Working Group (LUDWiG) for a Q+A session for a discourse on the accessibility offered to students at Lawrence University on Friday, April 8 at 12:30pm over a Zoom call. 

Senior Maria C. Jankowski, one of the founding members of LUDWiG expressed her frustration with Lawrence’s disability services office’s lack of attendance in the Zoom call. She then mentioned the decentralized nature of the accommodation process making it difficult for students to assemble.  

When asked about the major problems around disability at Lawrence, Jankowski said, “It’s a lot.  I have seen bias play out in the classroom.  I have been working on points with my professors. I have seen students have issues getting accommodations.”  

Judy Heumann suggested students get together and reach out to Lawrence’s President Laurie Carter. She urged students to point out Lawrence’s lack of 504 ADA officer to the administration. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act prohibits discrimination based on disability and according to Heumann, is required by law. She also advised LUDWiG to reach out to members of the community who have a strong knowledge on the regulations and requirements around disability for institutions.