Macaroni noodles swimming in tomato juice

Lawrence University Creative Writing Club Flash Fiction Poetry Selection

Straight from the can

in large enough vats to feed a family reunion-sized crowd, 


Fried potato disks, heavy on the salt  

and dipped in ketchup at midnight,   

Ultra-buttery English muffins, their crags  

dark and crispy 

taken out of the toaster set by set  

until the whole room nurses one. 

Tall, cold, glasses of whole milk before  

and after and in-between yard work 

 An open-mouthed nap for dessert 

Apples and oranges and apricots 


Straight from their respective trees 

Delivered seasonally in Fry’s plastic grocery bags. 


A family reunion-sized family. He adds  

pepper to his tomatoey bowl. 

The tradition floats conversations. 

Each time we ask, he deposits  

hot fried potatoes to the counter alongside  

Stories, the rompings of brothers. 

Until the whole room nurses one, or more, 

He burns his fingers on English muffins straight from the toaster 

A craggy snack while the rest of dinner cooks. 

An open-mouthed nap on the couch means  

He has mowed, weeded, built, served, 

Downed whole milk in glasses not too cold  

for sensitive teeth. Fry’s plastic bags  

filled with seasonal fruit from his backyard. 

Apples and oranges and apricots