Athletes of the week

Stephen Exarhos

Carla Schmidt:
Women’s tennis
How different is college tennis from high school tennis?
The biggest difference for me is getting used to playing both doubles and singles matches. In my high school I only played doubles, so it was difficult for me to familiarize myself with playing singles again.
How did you pass the time during preseason when you weren’t playing tennis?
The tennis team spent a part of our preseason in Bjorklunden. I truly enjoyed every moment of it. Upon arrival back to campus our team watched movies and played Apples to Apples. I felt it was fun to get to know my teammates better while becoming better acquainted with Lawrence’s campus.
Has it been easy to bond with the team?
It has been easy to bond with the tennis team and get to know each member for who they truly are.
Now that the whole freshman class is here, have you spent your time trying to make new friends? Or have you locked yourself in your room praying for it all to be over?
Now that more of my class has come to campus, I want to branch out and get to know new people. I think it is important to be open-minded to new ideas and perspectives.
Are you looking forward to classes starting?
I am ecstatic for classes to start.

Cameron Pieper:
Men’s soccer

After your first practice, how did you feel about your chances to contribute to the team?
I felt pretty confident because I worked hard over the summer and I came ready to fight for a starting spot.
How quickly did you adjust to your new surroundings?
It was really easy because all the guys on the team helped me out and accepted me immediately.
What are you personal goals for the rest of the season?
I am going to be the team’s top scorer.
How did you enjoy being settled in while the rest of your class arrived this week?
It’s been really interesting to watch all the nervous freshmen moving in and to feel like I own the place because I’ve been here for a while already.
How do you like college so far?
It’s great! So far it’s just been eat, sleep and play soccer. I’m not looking forward to classes, though.